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System overview

System overview


1. Mono smart speaker
Integrated with:
● Amplifier module
● Power source
● Wifi/Bluetooth module
● Full-range driver

2. Stereo sound speaker*
Integrated with:
● Full-range driver
● Connected via RCA cable to mono smart speaker

*: The order is always equiped with a MONO smart speaker. The order might also include an additional Mono Smart speaker and/or a wired STEREO Speaker which is depending on the customers order.

Getting started

Getting started

1) Power the Devoon speaker
Connect the power plug to a socket and push the power switch to ‘on’ (See figure below). 

After about one minute, the speaker will enter the setup mode. At this point you will hear the Devoon speaker saying:

“Entering setup mode. Follow the instruction in the app to finish the setup”

2) Download the 4Stream app
Download the 4stream application from the App Store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android.

3) Connect 4Stream app with the Devoon speaker
Open the 4Stream app and follow the steps shown in the app to finalise the setup.
TIP: After setting up the speaker, go to EQ setting      (Via main settings button     ) and change Treble to +3 and Bass to +1 for a better sound experience.

Troubleshoot (connecting with Wifi network)
Experiencing difficulties during the setup? Commonly there are two aspects that will bring you to a solution:

1.  Check your password: Double check your wifi network password. 
2. Put your phone on your 2.4GHz wifi network: Your network is either a 2.4GHz or a 5GHz network. Only for the first-time setup with the 4Stream app, your phone should be on your 2.4GHz network (you can check this at the phone network settings). 

1. Troublesoot (Wifi network)

Below, a step-by-step approach is shown that will help you going through the 4Stream app. 

4Stream app_First-time use

3.1) Open 4Stream app. Allow access to the app, click on the green button “next”.

4Stream app_First-time use

3.2) The app is going to search for the Devoon speaker, click on the green button “Add Device” to start searching.

4Stream app_First-time use

3.3) Check if the light at the on/off button is flashing. Click on the green button ‘indicator blinking’ to continue. 

4Stream app_First-time use

3.4) The Devoon speaker will appear as a device. To continue the setup, click on the green button “Setup this device”

4Stream app_First-time use

3.5) The 4Stream app will list out all available (2.4GHz) networks. Select the one you prefer to connect with and click on the green button “OK”. 

4Stream app_First-time use

3.6) Enter the password for your wifi network. Click on the green button “Next” to continue.

4Stream app_First-time use

3.7) Please wait while the app is making a connection with the Devoon speaker. When connected, you will hear:

“Connected to your WiFi network” 

4Stream app_First-time use

3.8) Now your device is connected. In this step, you will see the Wifi signal strength. Click on the green button “Next”.


3.9) You can change the name of the device if preferred. You can select the preset Devoonsounds name or enter your own.

3.10) Change EQ settings; For a better sound experience we advise you to adjust the EQ settings (from the home screen go to settings, EQ: 

Treble: +3
Bass: +1

4) Congratulations!
Now the setup is finished! You can always connect the Devoon speaker via the app or directly to Spotify.

An overview of the main features of the 4Stream app is shown below.  Take a moment to slow down, get comfortable, and surrender to the sound of elegance.

2. Troubleshoot

FAQ & Troubleshoot


Using Spotify / Record player

Connecting Spotify / Record player

The 4Stream app is mainly used to adjust the settings of the Devoon speaker(s). However, the 4Stream app is not required to play music from your smartphone. A direct connection can be made by the interface of Spotify. After proper installation, the speaker(s) are listed in the Spotify device menu.

From the Spotify device menu, choose the Devoonsounds device (See image).


Spotify connection

Record player
The ‘line in’ music channel (in combination with the physical aux port) is required when connecting a record player. In the 4Stream app, change the channel from Wifi/Bluetooth to Line in. 

Go to ‘Browse’ in the 4Stream app and scroll down to change the source from "WiFi" to "Line In" (See image).

Record player connection
Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications_Devoon speaker
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