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Enrich your interior

Revolutionize your listening experience with Devoonsounds. The new iconic sound sculpture in home audio. Quick and easy sync via WiFi/Bluetooth.


Let's slow down

This product is a result of deliberate design. No mass production, but careful craftsmanship.
Take a moment to slow down, get comfortable, and surrender to the sound of elegance.

A mixture of cement, sand and water is cast into 3D printed moulds, to create the enclosure. The concrete material perfectly suits the sound quality due to its non-vibrating property. The hand-crafted process makes each DEVOON speaker unique; identical in shape and surface quality, but individual in terms of grain finish.

Design & Performance


Multi-room system

The DEVOON speaker houses a full-range 4-inch driver enabling a full sound spectrum. It also includes a bass-reflex to accentuate the lower sound frequencies. Connect your device easily via the built-in Wifi or Bluetooth module and create your own multi-room speaker system.


AirPlay 2

Spotify Connect

Bluetooth 5.0

Aux cable

Our Clients Say


San Ming

Artist, Interior Designer, Stylist

3D printing,
 concrete and ammonite fossils, do not directly make you think of beauty and perfect sound. You need imagination and ingenuity! But
the Devoon Speaker did it with remarkable success, they moulded all these strange bedfellows together into an incredibly beautiful, modern art object that sounds amazing too. A gem in every well respected interior , I say.”

Devoon_geological history inspiration


The DEVOON name originates from the Devonian period around 400 million years ago when fossils and rocks were discovered in Devon, England. This geological history inspired the creation of this speaker, designed to last a lifetime.

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